Aplomb Glucosamine with Boswellia (Jar)
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  • Unit : 60 Caps
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In the present scenario health problem like osteoarthritis is on rapid rise, the basic reason for which is polluted feeding habit, higher acidic level of body & deficiency of nutrient in our daily diet. Aplomb Glucosamine & Boswellia is a formula derived from our ancient science of Ayurveda, which is of immense benefit in Osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine: It is a long chain of sugars which is a source of Glycosa Amino Glycans which helps in regeneration of Synovial fluid. The source from which glucosamine is obtained is sea shells, which is a organic source & the base in hydrochloride which is of great benefit in joint management.

Boswellia: It is a natural herb which in Indian ayurveda is also known by the name “Shallaki”. Its major active constituent is Boswellic acid which helps in relieving the inflammation caused due to arthritis & is of immense benefits.

Curcumin: It is the extract of a natural herb known as Turmeric.  In India turmeric has been used since ancient time as an Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiseptic, Antiallergic & anti-inflammatory agent, Which helps in relieving pain, inflammation, reversing the effects of aging, purifying blood & improving complexion of skin making it glow.

Yastimadhu: It is also known by the name “Mulethi”. It has anti-inflammatory properties & is a rich source of antioxidants. This helps in controlling the free radicals which are the cause of various health problems. It helps in boosting the immune system and relief from pain of osteoarthritis.

  • Increases Synthesis of Synovial Fluid.
  • Helpful in repairing & strengthening of cartilages.
  • Helps to rebuild the damaged articular cartilage.
  • Helps in imparting relief from pain & slowly freedom from Arthritis.

1 capsule twice a day in morning & evening after meals.