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Aplomb Embellish Night Cream
  • Product Code : 40023
  • Unit : 50 g
  • MRP (incl. of all taxes) : ₹210.00


A daily use skin rejuvenating night cream, enriched with vitamins and essential oils, nourishes the skin, revitalises the cells with nutrients, and imparts required hydration & moisture to the skin. Massage gently over clean face at night before retiring to bed.

  • Glycerine
  • Bees wax
  • Aloe Vera
  • Avocado Ext.
  • Vitamin-E

  • Helps to repair the damage caused by daily stress, wear & tear.
  • Helps to provide the desired nutrition for the skin cells to regenerate itself during the night.
  • It contains super-anti-oxidants, which neutralize any oxidative stress caused by free radicals, leading to delaying of ageing process.
  • The moisturizing ingredients penetrate deeply to provide hydration, binding moisture in the skin and smoothing out wrinkles and lines.
  • Prevents trans-dermal water loss.
  • It prevents dryness and boosts the formation of collagen in the skin, while also protecting the skin.
  • Accelerate cell¬†formation and renewal.
  • Cleanse the skin with Aplomb Face wash, pat skin dry.

Place a small amount of the Rejuvenating Night Cream on tips of fingers, rub together, and then gently massage with upward and outward strokes to your face and neck. Should be used every night for better and lasting effects making your skin look radiant and glowing.