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Aplomb Agro Power Gold
  • Product Code : 80005
  • Unit : 200 ml
  • MRP (incl. of all taxes) : ₹168.00


Aplomb Agro Power Gold is a concentrated liquid to be mixed with all purpose agriculture sprays. This is a multipurpose quality spray that when it is mixed with insecticides, fungicides, weedicides, wormi or bio-compost fertilising liquids, it increases / improves their effect consequently and resulting in better prevention of crop, fruit and vegetables from diseases, pests, insects and weeds. thus it is also bounces the crop yeild . It is a quality based product containing active elements that easily dissolve in any liquid solution and aggravate increases their effect manifold.

In fact, Aplomb Agro Power Gold is neither a fertilizer nor a pesticide, but when it is mixed with water it improves the humidiating power of water. Consequently, the sprays spread on leaves more equally and increase the effictiveness of different / various sprays. This is biodegradable, therefore it works actively and does not harm the crop or soil.

Non-Ionic Surfactant.

As A Sticking Agent: With the help of Aplomb Agro Power Gold not only various sprays are sprayed profoundly but it develops a kind of sticking tendency into these which consequently increases the spray area of weedicide and thus lowers down the quantity of pesticides and minimises its repetitor.

As An Agent For Increasing Water Penetration And Aiding Irrigation In The Soil: It faciliates the water absorbing and penetrating ability of soil by minimizing the surface tension of water. It is especially beneficial for dry, hard and solid soil. It stops /control the wastage of water by increasing the water absorption ability.

Other Specialities:
It helps in sticking of herbicides/pesticides on the leaves which does not wash away the costly insecticides due to light rain thus helping the farmers financially.
It helps oil based pesticides and dry powders in dissolving into water easily which leads the spray pump clean and save from equipment disfunctioning.
Its antirust formula prevents the metal pump/ tank/ Equipment from rusting and keeps the spray pump clean and functioning which saves time and money of the farmers.

with Pesticides, Fungicides, Bio Compost: 20ml in 30Ltrs of water, with Weedicides: 40ml in 30Ltrs of water & with Fertilizers: 50ml for 25Kg.

For Irrigation: Prepare a mixture of 160 ml Aplomb Agro Power Gold and 180 Ltr of water to spray in an area of 1 Acre. Even if the amount of water exceeds more than180 Ltr, the quantity of Aplomb Agro Power Gold shall remain same 160 ml for 1 acre. Spray this mixture directly on the soil before 12 hours of watering of the field. This spray remains effective for 4 weeks approximately. Repeat this process of watering after 4 weeks.