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Aplomb Noni Juice

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Aplomb Pro Vit-X (Chocolate)

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Aplomb Onefit Capsule

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Aplomb Aloe Vera Juice with Honey

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Aplomb Amla Nectar

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Aplomb Pure Wild Honey (250g)

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  • I was suffering from prolonged acidity & gastric problems. I started using Aloevera Juice for G.I.T problems & Aloevera gel for dark circles. I am very happy with the results that came after the use of Aloevera Juice & Gel, just within one month. Now I am totally relieved of gastric roubles and the dark circles are totally removed from my face.
    Mrs. Anju Gupta

  • I am a social worker, I like working for poor & helpless people. Earlier I was suffering from several minor problems like weakness, head ache, dizziness & severe body pain at times. After using Noni Juice, Spirulina & flax. I found that the problems completely subsided. Now I feel very much energetic with better working efficiency. All the credit goes to Aplomb Health Products.
    Mrs. Ritawali Pandey

  • I had been suffering from muscle pain in legs & skin problems like pimples & acne. I started using Aplomb Aloe vera Juice, Spirulina & Aloe vera gel continuously for 4 months. Now I feel no more leg pain and my skin has become clear of pimples and acne. I feel quite relaxed now. I can proudly say that Aplomb food supplements are best ever.
    Mrs. Poonam Pandey

  • I am Arun Srivastava, I am 50 years old. I was suffering from problem of acidity for a long time & also wanted to reduce my weight. I used Aloevera Juice & Garcinia Juice continuously .Now I am totally cured of my acidity problem & found considerable reduction in my weight.
    Mr. Arun Srivastava

  • I was suffering from hormonal problem since last 2-3 years, I consulted several doctors but my problem remained unsolved. Then my mother advised me to use Spirulina & Noni Juice. I was not sure that they would help me in any way but then I made up my mind to use them and miraculously I got relief & no more I am suffering from the hormonal problem. I thankful to Aplomb products by heart for giving me a sigh of relief.
    Km. Kritika Singh